You could get married. Have a baby. Move across the world. Start a business.

All of these are life-changing events that make you a different person. But did you know your life can change significantly just by taking up the habit of strength training?

That’s right, if you’re willing to commit to it, your life will change significantly in many ways. Here are some of them.


Change #1Tone up

This one’s obvious for anyone who has ever stepped inside a gym. When you add strength training to your routine, your body shapes up quickly. Working with me, you can determine an appropriate strength-training regimen that will give your body the look you desire. When you look better, you feel better and are more confident. But lifting weights isn’t just about looking good…


Change #2: Lower your Health Risks

Want to reduce your worry factor significantly? Then start lifting weights.

When you do, you’ll find your body has better defence against the common cold and other everyday sicknesses. But that’s not all. By lifting weights and staying healthy, you’ll be better able to sidestep countless diseases that plague so many, from diabetes and cancer to heart disease and stroke.


Change #3: Go for Longer

Ever just want to crash and burn after a hard day at work? Wish you had the stamina to play footie with your kids on the weekends?

Lifting weights will you help  improve your stamina so you can do just that. Once you’ve lifted weights for a while, your muscles grow stronger and you learn how to power through even when you’re feeling a bit worn out. Going longer, however, isn’t reserved for the athletic field.

Change #4: Improve your Sex Life

Lifting weights won’t transform you into some sort of nymphomaniac, but it will do lots of good things for your body that in turn translates to good things for your sexual abilities. One way strength training does this is by improving blood flow throughout your body. On top of that, you will feel better about your body and that improves it even more 🙂


Change #5You Can Focus

Meetings aren’t the most exciting events in the world. They can drone on for hours, and your involvement does little to help those you’re meeting with find solutions. Until you start lifting weights. Suddenly, your brain is getting the blood flow necessary for optimal function and your brain generates new connections.

Once your most important muscle is conditioned, you’re ready to be alert and thoughtful.


Change #6You’ll Smile More

Life is not easy. And when it comes at you full force, the stress can be too much. When this happens, you may find yourself spiralling into a bout of sadness. Lift weights regularly, however, and you’ll experience something the prescription-producing world doesn’t want you to know. Lifting weights gives your body what it needs to fend offdepression. And you don’t need a doctor’s appointment for a weight-lifting session.


Change #7You Live in the Now

It is good to plan and know what you’re doing with your life. However, if you spend all your life worried about what you’re going to do with yourself when you retire in 25 years, you’re missing out on something very important: the here and now.

When you lift weights, you’re forced to focus on the task at hand.

Otherwise, you’ll never get that final rep in. By incorporating strength training, your life is changed for the better, because you finally learn to live in the moment, a skill that translates to increased life satisfaction.

Sounds good to you? Give Ru a shout today to get started on a fitness routine and nutrition plan that’s custom tailored to your needs.


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