Green. Juice.

I know for many people those two words are likely to result in you making your face up and wondering why anyone in their right mind would drink the culinary equivalent of engine oil.

And if you think that, I wouldn’t blame you, as I was there with you just few months ago.

When Judy first introduced it to me, I was having none of it… Until I became desperate!

With a significant birthday approaching I decided that I would make some drastic changes as the things I used to do I could do them no more. 🙂

So, having reluctantly become a convert, I desperately incorporated this magic elixir into my diet.


1. The Right IDEA (…The Plan)

Early one Monday morning, the day I usually use to catch up with myself, I interrupted the return journey of my morning walk to go to the nearest supermarket. The idea was simply to incorporate Green Juice into my diet.

With this I could lose weight, get a lot fitter and generally have a healthier lifestyle.

As I packed my shopping bags with all the ingredients, I felt a huge wave of enthusiasm. In fact, as the Autumn sun peaked out behind the clouds, I’m sure I saw a glimpse of my inner Adonis in my shadow as if beckoning me to get out!


2. The Right INGREDIENTS (…The Process)

As I reached home, I excitedly sorted out the ingredients.

Green Apples. Check. Pears. Check. Cucumbers. Check. Celery. Check. Lemon. Check. Ginger. Check. Spinach. Check.

I had everything I needed.

With that the juicer roared into life and I put each piece of ingredient down the chute in turn. I listened as the ingredients got pulverized and separated into green mush one end and the apparent life enhancing liquid the next.

I stirred the juice and then added the spinach in the blender to complete the mix. I couldn’t wait to taste my first batch of green juice!

I got my glass. I poured. I put it to my lips, anticipating the added years to my life…


It was vile. It didn’t even remotely taste like the other green juices I had tasted.

When Judy came home and tasted it, she agreed it was nothing like the green juices she had made before.

We went through the list of ingredients. As I held up the celery packet, Judy’s concerned face transformed into a huge smile. She just about managed to inform me that what I thought was celery, was actually leeks, before bursting into a rip roaring laugh.


3. The Right MEASURES (… The Portions)

Having made a hash of the first batch, there was a quick trip back to the shop to get celery!

Take 2.

I repeated the process, this time with the right ingredients.

Here we go again…Green Apples. Check. Pears. Check. Cucumbers. Check. Celery. Double Check. Lemon. Check. Ginger. Check. Spinach. Check.

This time it tasted a bit closer to what I had expected.

The only snag? I had put too much ginger in it which made it a little bit fiery! 🙁


The Conclusion

With Green Juices as in with life and business, it is important to make sure you have the right idea. Be clear what you want to do with your life. And make sure you know why. Plan for it!

You also need to make sure you have the right ingredients. If you want a career as an entrepreneur, make sure you acquire the right ingredients. The ability to sell should not be mistaken for the ability to create great products any more than leeks being mistaken for celery!

Lastly, make sure you have the right measures or portions. This is all about balance. Entrepreneurs walk a tightrope in most cases and you will stay on the rope longer if you are balanced.

I feel a green juice craving coming on. Would you like some?

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