We offer some unique immersive & experiential training & events specifically tailored to imparting entrepreneurial Thinking, engaging Tales, effective Tools & essential Tools.

 How to Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur 

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In this FREE Video Course you learn The 7 Step System I taught my 13 year old daughter that pays for her trips away.

We give you a video, an ebook & an audio of the training to watch, read & listen to at your convenience…

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defying gravity… (LIVE experience)

Rising above the things that Weigh you Down & Hold you Back

Why attend defying gravity?

At this immersive and experiential event you will:

  • REALIZE the 4 Biggest Things that weigh you down and how to detach from them
  • DISCOVER your Meaning and uncover the path to ‘lift off’ in the direction of your dreams
  • FIND OUT the single most important question you can ask yourself and how to uncover the answer
  • LEARN why your Mindset is the vital ingredient to experiencing growth in every area of your life
  • DOMINATE your space by learning how Movement conditions your body for peak performance
  • CREATE your Action Plan that will empower, enable and equip you to experience growth in every area of your life and business

We have brought together an amazing team of speakers to inspire, challenge and motivate you to rise above the things that weigh you down and hold you back.

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