You have something to say, you have a message, and you give it your best shot, not everyone likes it.

What do you do?

We often live in the shadow of who we really want to become, second guessing ourselves as to whether or not the timing is right. 

Because we are too frightened of unmasking that person, so we find a rational and logical excuse: the timing is wrong, tomorrow, next week, when I get promoted, when I feel like it, when I have the finances.

The biggest one is ‘I’m not feeling it right now’, a load of BS, just plain excuses.

How many excuses have you made? But there are moments when we look through a window and we get a glimpse of what is possible. That big picture suddenly emerges from nowhere.

I sat at many desks doing a variety of jobs for twenty five years hoping that something would come along that would give me fulfillment and make money. I did not hate my job but I did not like it either.

I enjoyed  the people I worked with and I loved the money that paid for my lifestyle. The  daily interaction was amazing, the encouragement was beyond belief.

One day my boss said to me, ‘You remind me of Anthony Robbins’I was always giving mini seminars and mini talks at work, around the coffee machine or at someone’s desk.  

I guess that was a turning point. A seed was sown in my head. Some years later, I saw an advert looking for volunteers for Robbin’s signature event Unleash the Power Within in London. I signed up because it would be a great way to see how this conference machinery worked. That Friday we checked in over 1,000 ordinary people, men, women, young and old, all looking for something more to their lives. It was an awesome experience because the
excitement and anticipation started at the desk as they booked in for the event.

At the close of the day the volunteers were invited into the conference as a thank you for all the hard work. The energy was awesome, the electricity flowing through the room was ecstatic. Tony comes in at top form and starts speaking. 

At that moment, something hits me, ‘This is exactly what I  do when I speak in church, same atmosphere, same
connection. I can do this. This is it.’

You discover that moment but years later you struggle to step into it because you cannot learn it at college or  university, you learn by being and doing. Have you seen that window, the breakthrough of your future self? Tell me about it… 

  • Don’t run from it
  • Embrace it
  • Do it
  • Commit to one action.

There is another version of you  waiting to be unmasked and as my friend Yvette said, Alex, you are too polished’. You want everything to be just perfect just right  so that it feels right. So I have stepped into the zone of just being and doing. I stopped my brain worrying about whether it’s good or bad.

 What about you?

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